Monday, 6 February 2012

You're My One And Only

Sayang , i tau i mmg bnyk buat salah ngan you . Skrg i nak mintak maaf sgt dengan kesilapan besar yang i telah buat kat you. Sepatutnye i tak boleh contact die lg. I'm so sorry syg. I still love you. You told me that you needed space , okay , i will give you . but make sure that you will contact me once you're okay with me. But , you decided to end our relationship. I have to admit that i am wrong , and you should done that a long time ago. Mmg sakit bile you akan tinggalkan i . tp apekan daya , selama i couple ngan you i mesti ade tipu you byk kali . hmm , mmg dasar PUKIMAK , i nie. I mmg marah sgt kat diri i buat you cmni . coz , you jee yg jujo kat i tp i nie ikotkan nafsu kepalabatak i ni pg lyn text minah tu, i knew that this day would come. I'll text you bile i ade phone nak gune. hmm , thx a lot Aynn . If this is our last time to contact . I really hope that you forgive me , bye , take care , i love you so so much